Insuring Our Future: Global Week of Action Against Fossil Fuel Expansion

When and where for the Global Week of Action 2024, featuring Climate activists bring the message "Insure Our Future" to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 6th Nov 2021. Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
Climate activists bring the message “Insure Our Future” to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, on 6th Nov 2021.
Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Join us in February 2024 to hold the insurance industry accountable for their role in the climate crisis

Why target the insurance industry:

In order to build a new fossil fuel project, companies need three things: Permits, Money and Insurance.

Insurance companies have a huge amount of power to help steer us towards a greener and sustainable future. Insurance is the Achilles heel of the fossil fuel industry. Without insurance, most new fossil fuel projects cannot go ahead, and existing ones must close.

The insurance industry is not used to being targeted and put under pressure, some insurers have started to move away from fossil fuels. 45 global insurers have coal exclusion policies, 26 have tar sands exclusion policies and 18 have conventional oil & gas exclusion policies.

Insurance campaigning has already made new coal mines almost uninsurable, threatening their viability and coal companies are finding it increasingly difficult to access insurance cover even for their ongoing operations.

Why is now the time for action?

While companies abandon communities affected by climate risks, they continue to fuel the climate crisis by underwriting and investing in the expansion of fossil fuels. Fifty years after the insurance industry first warned about the increasing risks of climate change, the industry’s climate actions remain completely insufficient and most global insurers continue to back dirty, destructive fossil fuel projects for a profit.

Insurers have demonstrated that they can accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels through their coal exit policies. Yet most insurers continue to underwrite the expansion of oil and gas infrastructure, and the shift away from fossil fuels has slowed down.

Having a global spotlight and actions on them coming from all regions and with a growing number of groups and communities is part of an escalation strategy of the Insure our Future Campaign & the type of pressure they need to feel to move.

You can hold insurers accountable, and together we can make sure that a just climate transition makes polluters pay up, and protect our communities.


From Monday February 26th to Sunday March 3rd 2024

Join us for a global week of action demanding the insurance industry to end their support for the expansion of the fossil fuel industry. And bookmark this page for updates!