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People’s AGM

Every year – usually in the Spring – financial institutions, like banks, insurance companies, and investors, gather for Annual General Meetings (AGMs) with interested shareholders to discuss company performance, returns on investment, and future strategy. But we know what their future strategy should be: immediately stop insuring and investing in new fossil fuels – and #InsureOurFuture instead.

At AGMs, shareholders of the company often have voting rights for various issues. Climate activists have been using AGMs for many years to bring awareness of the destructive impacts of the financial institutions to their shareholders, and use their voting power to bring changes in their policy. 

This year, campaigners are taking mass action to disrupt business as usual at insurers, banks and investor’s AGMs. Join the People’s AGM on April 21 at 6pm GMT.

To meet the urgency of the climate crisis, the People’s AGM will unite people together to take action and increase the pressure like never before

In the run-up to AGMs, such as Lloyd’s of London and Munich Re, campaigners are demanding that insurers immediately stop insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and opt out of supporting the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (#StopEACOP).

At the People’s AGM, there will be stories from frontline communities resisting the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), updates from other campaigns from across Europe, breakout spaces to take online action together, and opportunities to organise for ongoing action (online and in person).

The People’s AGM will take place from 6:00-7:30 PM GMT on April 21.
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