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Mothers call on Lloyd’s to stop hurting #OurOtherMother, Planet Earth this Mothers Day

Ahead of UK Mother’s Day (Sunday 27th March), a group of mothers from Mothers Rise Up and Parents For Future UK, have reiterated their call on Bruce Carnegie-Brown and the leadership of Lloyd’s of London to stop insuring dangerous fossil fuels, and to insure their children’s futures instead.  

Earlier today, they handed over a collection of powerful and heartfelt illustrated Mother’s Day cards, calling on Carnegie-Brown and the Lloyd’s leadership to stop hurting Our Other Mother –  Planet Earth.  

Maya Mailer

Organiser with Mothers Rise Up

"This Mother's Day, we are calling on Lloyd's to remember Our Other Mother, our precious Planet Earth. The climate crisis threatens our planet and, right now, it is harming millions of children and families around the world. But Lloyd's continues to fuel global heating.  Lloyd's must mandate its syndicates immediately stop insuring all coal, tar sands, Arctic energy and all new oil and gas. They must rule out insuring deadly fossil fuel projects, like the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. This pipeline will devastate communities and nature across Uganda and Tanzania. Make our Mother's Day: stop hurting Our Other Mother. Stop insuring dangerous fossil fuels!"

Insurance is a vital but often overlooked enabler of the fossil fuel industry – without insurance, fossil fuel projects simply can’t go ahead. Lloyd’s of London insures 40% of the global energy market, including projects others won’t touch because of their colossal climate impacts. Lloyd’s has refused to rule out insuring the huge Adani coal mine in Australia, the Trans Mountain Pipeline in Canada and the proposed mega oil pipeline in Uganda and Tanzania.

You can find a collection of the illustrations and photos of the hand in here.

29-03-2022 - Mothers Day Card and Action

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